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Foundations of Christ - Part 18

11.04.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    Confessing Christ

    In Mt. 10 Jesus was preparing His disciples to go to the world and declare what they knew of Him and His Kingdom. He cautioned them that they would encounter all types of resistance and persecution. It would come from unbelieving Jews and from the Romans. The gospel brought by the disciples would announce that Jesus was Lord. To the unbelieving Jews, this was unacceptable as Jesus didn’t fit their model. To the Romans this was an affront to Caesar. The Caesars were considered divine and lord.

     Jesus says today that if they persecuted Him and called Him Beelzebub, they would do the same to us. And so, we face persecution as well. It comes from the spirit of secular humanism, where man is lord. This spirit of persecution finds its expression in almost every facet of society. Sometimes it is overt and sometimes it is passive aggressive. But it is always there. You can feel it.

     But not to worry, the Father will reveal everything that is hiding in darkness and give us the words to speak into every situation. All we must do is be sensitive to Him who dwells within and speak and act in accordance.

     His comfort to the disciples and to us was to not fear them but fear Him who was able to destroy both body and soul in hell. Furthermore, He assured them that the Father cared more for them than He did a sparrow that fell to the ground with His knowledge. He even knows the number of the hairs on our heads. His care for us is immeasurable.

     Jesus’ promise to us is that if we will confess Him before men here on earth, He will confess us before the Father in heaven. The meaning of confessing Jesus before men carries the connotations of agreement with the Lordship of Jesus, acting openly in accordance with that agreement and binding ourselves as covenantal with Jesus. From our Lord’s side, He does the same by standing before the Father in an intercessory capacity and confessing us before the Father.

     Sometimes we forget this and think we are on our own in a big bad world. No! Our confessions bring about our salvation in every place, every time, with everyone and in every situation.  This is how confession is made unto salvation, Rom. 10:10.