House Churches


House Churches

House Churches

As Christians, we want to touch the world with the life and power of Jesus Christ that resides in us. However, if the application of our Christian walk is left primarily to our corporate meetings, we will miss opportunities to touch the lives of those outside the church with that life and power.

By having local house church meetings within the communities we live in, we are better able to invite unsaved or unchurched neighbors and friends, involve them, love them, minister Christ to them, and bring them to a saving knowledge of Him and His life. In essence we take "church' beyond the four walls of the church facility into the neighborhoods, workplaces and other areas that we spend the majority of our time in. In order to successfully bring the love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to a person in need, that person must trust you and see Christ living in your own life. That will only happen when we invest our lives and time into those needy lives.

We also have a need to touch each others lives with the love, life and power of Jesus Christ. House church groups give us the chance to know and be known by each other. These meetings offer intimacy and openness in our relationships versus superficiality and pretense. There we can continue in teachings and fellowship. We also have the opportunities to minister in spiritual gifts. Our house church meetings are vital to our growth here at Fellowship of Life. As we connect to each other, we are developing the life of Christ in us and simultaneously preparing the net for the harvest of unsaved souls to come.

Why is it necessary to be connected?

  • To be accountable to each other with our gifts and talents - as stewards
  • To encourage and edify - as builders
  • To restore and reconcile - as healers
  • To bear one another's burdens - as lovers and givers
  • To prepare for the harvest - as laborers
  • To effectively touch our neighbors and co-workers - as disciples

What happens at a house church meeting?

Our meetings allow for inflow and outflow of the Holy Spirit. That is the #1 priority. Every meeting has its own unique 'personality' but does have some structure. When we gather together, we are prepared for His agenda -- what God desires to do at that time, in that place, with those gathered. He will usually move differently when members are gathered together than when there is a mix of members and neighbors. We desire to include everybody in a spirit of love without control and to maintain the life and flow of the Holy Spirit in our church Body.

When do the house church groups meet, and where are they located?

All of our house church groups normally meet on the third Sunday morning of each month (check the calendar for changes). New house churches are added as God leads. The following is a list of the towns where our house churches presently meet. For more information please call Bobbie at the church office.

  • Cheshire
  • Naugatuck
  • Vernon
  • Woodbury