Our Pastor


Our Pastor

Greg & Andrea Manalli are Senior Pastors and founders of the Fellowship of Life Church. Prior to full-time ministry, Greg was an insurance executive and later owned his own successful business. He and Andrea live in Cheshire and have been married for over 50 years. They have two sons, Jason and Luke, both of whom graduated from college and are married with families of their own.

Greg is first and foremost an Apostle, and oversees an anointed apostolic ministry, Ephesians Ministries, an apostolic team taking its identity from Ephesians 4:11-16. He had had an apostolic call upon his life for many years, and it is his desire to see the Church built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ, and that it come to know and experience the very fullness of Christ.

Fellowship of Life Church falls under his apostolic umbrella. Greg is a gifted church builder and is anointed in teaching, pastoring and the prophetic. His spheres of ministry are regional, national and international. His apostolic ministry to leaders and churches is multi-faceted and includes assisting them in strengthening church foundations and local church government, raising up the fivefold ministry, and unifying and strengthening gift ministries.

With the present move of God to move from a pastoral church (where the few due the bulk of the building of the church) to an apostolic church (where leadership equips the body to do the work of building the church), Greg is being used to show other leaders and churches how God wants His church built. Thus he is being used to bring churches into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father and each other, as well as enabling them to flow freely with the Holy Spirit, building the church together. He especially desires to see churches and Christians pursue holiness and reflect the character of Christ.