Arrival Series (New Believer)


Arrival Series (New Believer)

Arrival series for the new Believer

The Arrival Series consists of three study guides:

  * Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
  * First Steps
  * Foundations Of Faith

This Series of study guides was developed to assist the new Christian in gaining an understanding of what it means to follow Jesus as Lord day by day. As you study the Series, you will identify areas for personal development and change, and what you need to do to make the lordship of Christ more functional in your life. It is vital that you give yourself wholly to Him and let Him be the rock foundation of your life.  You are going to be amazed at what God has in store for you. You have a great new destiny.

Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life" new Christian believer study guide.  This is not just the rest of your old life, but the beginning of a new life. This Guide is the first of three study guides for the new Christian believer, and will help give you needed understanding about your new life in Christ. 

  Click the button on the left to download the PDF format version of "Welcome to the Rest of Your Life".

"First Steps" new Christian believer study guide.  A young child's legs are strengthened as they take those first steps and learn how to walk. In much the same way, the new believer gains strength in body, soul and spirit in those beginning "first steps" in their new life in Christ. 

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The third study guide, "Foundations of Faith", is for discipling new believers and for renewing your own faith foundations. It contains 10 lessons.    

  • Jesus Christ Our Foundation
  • Authority of Scripture
  • Repentance From Dead Works
  • Faith Towards God
  • Baptisms
  • Laying On Of Hands
  • Resurrection of the Dead
  • Eternal Judgement
  • The Church - Part 1
  • The Church - Part 2

  Click the button on the left to download the PDF format version of "Foundations of Faith".