Jesus' Zeal for his house, you! 

The occasion of Jesus cleansing the temple in Jn.2:13-17 reveals Him quoting Psa.69:9, that the zeal for my house has eaten me up.

What an amazing statement of the depth of passion Jesus has for His House, us. His love consumes (eats Him up) and moves Him to act on that love. In the case of the money changers and thieves, He overturns their tables of trade and drives them out of the temple.

In a picture of today, we can transfer His zeal towards us and know that He will do whatever it takes to drive out every type of “thief” and usurper of our love for Him. This is cleansing our temples today. Jesus will work on us to eliminate everything that robs us of true devotion to Him. His zeal for us as His living temple is greater than that for the one made of stones. He is purifying His Bride so He may present Her to Himself as one without spot or wrinkle, Eph.5:26-27. Jesus is a jealous lover.