Jesus' promise of a better life

No, not the life after we die, but the life we can have now in this present day. It is interesting how tightly we hold to our old life, wishing to preserve it and our identity while trying to add to it some Christian virtues. Truth is, that is like trying to dress up a pig for a fashion show. It is not possible. We should all know this by now.

What Jesus and the apostles taught was that we must give up our old life and all the dishonesty in it and receive by faith the life of the Spirit of Christ that He will form in us.

When we renounce our old man and allow for Christ to be formed in us, a phenomenal exchange takes place and slowly we begin to experience life like we had never know. Life that is at ease with itself, free of the struggles and contentions of this world, and a life that moves happily through this world, goes beyond looking for things, events, and people to make us content.