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Foundations of Christ - Part 17

10.14.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    You Must Be Born Again (John 3:3,6)

    Of all the profound supernatural, miraculous things that can happen to a human, being born again should top the list. Jesus said that if we aren’t born again we cannot see (know, perceive and experience) the Kingdom of God neither can we enter it. This Kingdom is spiritual, and is populated with spiritual people, not natural men.

    When we experience our rebirth, it is a birth originating from Heaven. It is spiritual, producing a spiritual being, clothed in a natural body. That body will be put off after we die, and a new spiritual body will be ours in eternity. Until then, we war against the flesh.

    Perhaps our worst weakness in this matter is that we esteem our spiritual life so little and allow our natural thoughts and desires to gain constant superiority. We don’t see ourselves as spiritual, supernaturally reborn and of a different species now.

    Jesus is our example. He was both the Son of God (Matt. 4:3) and the Son of Man (Matt. 8:20). He experienced all the restraints of flesh and all its desires yet lived sinless in the power of His spiritual life.

    His prominent focus remained the life of the Spirit and the Kingdom of God within Him. He did not focus on the weak human side. So, moving in the Spirit was easy. It should be the same for us.

    If we live as carnal men, perceiving our flesh as stronger than the spiritual people we truly are, then we will constantly succumb to the flesh and live as the world does. The consequence of that is we become less and less acquainted with the things of the Spirit and all of the heavenly powers available to us by the Spirit within.

    But the reality is that we are both born of the Spirit and filled with the Spirit. Our flesh is weak before these truths. Our lives should be lived as supernatural people waiting for the day our flesh will be put off and we will be clothed with immortality.

    Until then, victory in this life is ours! We are born from Heaven, and Heaven and all its powers is available to us. Choose it!