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Foundations of Christ - Part 16

09.02.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    Jesus Chooses An Ass (Mark 11:2-10)

    Jesus chose to enter Jerusalem riding on a young foal, an ass that had never been ridden. This animal, which we refer to as a donkey, was a beast of burden and not recognized as a royal mount for a King. But Jesus was more interested in exemplifying humility than He was in exalting Himself. He was the message of the New Covenant in that what He taught He did.

    Of all the graces mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23, humility is the most difficult to manifest and, therefore, the least demonstrated among God’s children.  Jesus said of Himself that He was meek and lowly, and we could learn from Him. I have never met anyone who could say of themselves that they were meek and lowly. Have you? I certainly haven’t been able to say that of myself.

    A principle of humility is that it is first expressed before God, with whom there is no way to fake it. Someone with humility doesn’t contend with God and His dealings with them. If we aren’t humble before God, chances are slim to none we will be humble before men. Perhaps we will offer up a false humility, but that will eventually reveal itself as hypocrisy.

    Humility or meekness is not weakness as has been said. The reason one can be truly humble is because they know it is the fruit of power that lies in the indwelling Christ. We have in Him endless resources for every contingency and opportunity. When we see ourselves as the source of our strength in life, the result will invariably be pride. If we know His humility as our humility, we can be humble. All of what He is, is what we can be in personal graces and demonstrations of power. These are all of Him and by Him in us.

    Left to our own, counting on our own abilities, we face insecurity and become defensive to protect ourselves and our image of ourselves. The antidote is death to self. Then we can let the risen Christ in us exalt Himself through us.

    I have walked with my Lord almost 50 years.  He has continued all these years to help me get smaller and smaller until more of me is gone and more of Him is there. He has used people, circumstances, discouragements, setbacks, disappointments, failures, and more to ‘help’ me overcome the pride that would bring destruction and disappointment to my life and ministry. I would have become ‘Wonder Boy’; the worst thing that could happen to me.   

    Along the way I thought it was the devil, my lack of faith, or people that was the reason for setbacks and all. Actually, it was LOVE Himself!