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Foundations of Christ - Part 15

07.29.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    Getting Busy

    The framework of Jesus’ teachings was generally about the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is what we are in and what is in us.  Kingdom is rule.  It is how God’s government operates in us.  It is not casual nor occasional.  It is constant.  It is as regular as our heart beats, as continuous as our lungs breath and our minds think.  This is what Jesus meant when He said to “Occupy till I come” – Luke 19:13.  This was a parable about the Kingdom and the responsibility of its citizens to get busy while the Lord was away.  When He returns, He is going to want an accounting in connection with the gifts and responsibilities He gave to them.

    The word ‘occupy’ sounds somewhat like a term used when an army conquers another country.  In some way it is similar since our gifts are used to defeat the works of the enemy and destroy his “kingdom”.  But it is deeper than that.  It means that we are busied with God’s businesses.  We conduct here on earth the business of His Kingdom.  We do it daily.  It is not a Sunday kind of thing even though we need to gather together as often as is possible, especially when the tendency to miss meetings is strongest like the summer months.  Kingdom life is not religious life.  Religion is usually done at set times and in set places.  The Kingdom is everywhere we are.

    The word ‘occupy’ can be translated as to “trade diligently”.  Trading implies improving.  It suggests profit and making gains.  The servants at the end of the parable gave an accounting of what they accomplished with what the Master had given them.  Two of the three were excited to show what they had achieved.  The third, not so much.  He laid his gift up, reserving it.  The Lord’s answer was to take what He had given to His servant and give it to another who had been diligent with what he had been given originally.

    Let’s not allow anything, especially fear, to keep us from being and doing all God has intended for us.  He wants us to succeed and reward us. 

    He is faithful to work in us to accomplish His will.