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Foundations of Christ - Part 14

07.22.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    The Cure For Fainting

    Jesus taught a parable that men should always pray and not faint (Luke 18:1).  It would be a funny thing if we saw men literally fainting.  But Jesus didn't mean that kind of fainting.  He meant men faint in their hearts, become despondent, lose courage and strength, and become spiritless and exhausted.  In other words, the conditions of life, their health, wealth, as well as situations in the life of the church Body, cause men to succumb, surrender and capitulate like an army general giving his sword to another general who has defeated his army.  Life's difficulties and disappointments overwhelm some of us and when our hearts faint, so does our ability to overcome.  Jesus gave us the solution for this.  Prayer!

    You can tell a prayerless person from someone who prays.  They reveal themselves by what they say.  Their speech is focused on the problem and not the solution.  They make excuses instead of prayers.  They exhibit a defeated mentality.  They are more likely to become quitters instead of conquerors.  They give up, get down, and often go away.

    Not so with us.  We are developing a culture of prayer.  Prayer is how the Kingdom of God comes to us, comes in us, and then through us.  There is power in the Kingdom of God.

    Prayers make us powerful.  They give us security, confidence, and boldness.  They restore hope and strengthen our faith.  Prayer connects us to the King.  Prayer pleases the Holy Spirit in us and HE settles our souls.  We become victorious before the actual victory occurs.  We can sit down on the inside once we have prayed in faith.  Rest replaces weariness.

    There is one kind of prayer that cures fainting.  It is the 'always prayer'.  Jesus said we should always pray.  The apostle Paul said we are to be always praying with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18).

    Oh God, how we have failed here.  Our prayerlessness has cost us.  Forgive us.  We can't blame the devil if we don't pray because he can't stop us.  Only we can stop ourselves.  Likewise, we, ourselves, can start developing our prayer culture of always praying and not fainting!  Amen.