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Foundations of Christ - Part 9

06.03.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    Receiving One Another

    We can trace the feelings and wounds of rejection back to the Garden. It was there that God banned Adam and Eve from His presence; the Garden being the place where they would meet in the cool of the day. Since then, rejection seems to be one common factor among mankind and a strong motive in producing all manner of attempts at being accepted. No amount of human praise will ever be equivalent to God's acceptance.

    This is a problem in the Body of Christ. Saints that don't feel accepted suffer deep pain. Saints who work at being accepted will become competitive and jealous. The results are often disastrous to the Body. There is a remedy in God.

    First, we must know that at the point of receiving Christ as our Savior, He was receiving us too (Romans 15:7). And in Ephesians 1:6 that "we have been made accepted in the Beloved" Jesus. Most of our attention has been on us receiving Christ, but there must be an equal, if not more, consideration on the fact that our Lord opened His arms to us first! Imagine us receiving someone who didn't receive us. How awful. And this is what goes on yet when we want to be accepted by others and aren't.

    Second, because we are freed from the hounding pain of rejection and the driving need for approval, we can accept each other, freely (Romans 15:7) on the same basis as Christ has accepted us, just as we are and without performance of any kind to earn it!

    Third, this opens the door for so much love and untapped ministry from one another. Jesus said that if we receive one another it is the same as receiving Him (Matt. 10:40), and that when we receive each other with the gifts that He has placed in us we get the reward of that gift (Matt. 10:41).

    Let me paraphrase this. When we receive each other and have the same mind towards each other without discrimination, preconceived thoughts, and such, we position ourselves to get the blessings of the other person in whom God has placed amazing gifts.

    As you read this, ask Holy Spirit to sink these truths of your acceptance by God deep in your inner man. You will receive healing, peace and love!