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Foundations of Christ - Part 13

07.08.18 | Foundations of Christ | by Greg Manalli

    The Offendable Spirit

    Jesus had many new and completely different things to teach during His earthly ministry.  He used the new teachings not just to inform but challenge the souls of the disciples to not become offendable by things foreign, new, and completely different from their own opinions.  This is still going on.

    We live in the most offendable society I have ever experienced.  Even in the Body of Christ people become offended more easily than ever.  Taking offense is a blood sport.  An opportunity to become indignant to the point of separations from close and valued friends.

    In John 6, Jesus taught He was the Living bread come from heaven and if men didn't eat of Him they had no eternal life (see John 6:51-61).  The Jews squabbled amongst themselves over His teaching, much like men today whenever something new comes their way.  But Jesus went a step beyond His teaching and asked in verse 61, "Does this offend you?"  Those who were offended, left (John 6:66).  Interestingly, the number of this scripture (666) is coincidentally pointing to the carnality of fallen man.

    Jesus taught that it is impossible to prevent offenses from coming.  If we understand God is working when faced with being offended, we can ask Holy Spirit to polish off the offendable burrs of our souls.  If we don't calm down when we hear or see something that provokes us, we can be snared by our own offended spirit, and become trapped like rabbits in a small snare.  Our behavior from that point on will be bad.  We can become divisive, separate from each other, or argue endlessly our position.  The worst is that we forget to "maintain the oneness of the Spirit in the bond of PEACE" (Ephesians 4:3).

    Offenses are around the corners of our lives.  They come often; through our friends, our spouses, our leaders.  Certainly, you will be an offense to someone by what you say or do when you had no intention of creating an offense.  These things happen.  Jesus wants us to use offenses and not be used by them.  He wants us to develop an unoffendable spirit.  This will take time.  Your test is close by.  Don't blow it.