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Listen To Me

12.07.17 | by Greg Manalli

    This article was written by Pastor Greg, and summarizes his teaching on Sunday, November 26th.  You will be truly blessed by listening to the full teaching entitled 'Listen To Me'.   Click on Resources/Teachings from the top menu.


    Last Sunday the Lord asked me  a question.  "Who are you listening to and what are you listening to?"

    There are three voices you can listen to.  The first is your own.  The second is the enemy's, and the third is God.  Only one of these can produce faith (Rom. 10:17).  There hardly is a time when a voice isn't speaking in your head.

    Adam and Eve's disobedience began by listening to the wrong voice; overriding the voice of the Lord.  On the other hand, the great men of faith, without a Bible for aid, heard God clearly and did great things.  Noah built the Ark and Abraham became the father of our faith, by listening.

    Ears to hear and a tongue to speak are perhaps the two most important organs in the human body.  The deaf and dumb that Jesus healed proved not only that He had the power to break the hold of the devil on the lives of people, but that spiritually, He was restoring mankind with the ability to hear Him and say what they heard from God.  We can be oracles of God.

    We prayed at the conclusion of the teaching to break the power of hearing the wrong voices and the effects they have had on us.  We set our hearts on being more attentive to the voice of the Lord.  It's okay to ask, "Is that you, Lord, is it just my flesh, or is it the devil".  Certainly, He will let us know, because He knows our faith has its origin in His word whether written or spoken.  We hear it the same.

    -- Pastor Greg