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  Revival Considerations

God has placed it on Greg's heart to write about the coming Revival.  These articles, entitled Revival Considerations, are periodically sent to those on his mailing list.  Click HERE to Subscribe.





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As we await with eager expectation the mighty revival coming to His Church, we're thankful for the changes we experience as we surrender more areas of our lives to Him. Our prayers cry out for a mighty revival to affect our society, the economy, our government, the church and our individual lives. They're also prayers of repentance.  Jesus wants to work through us to bring healing to a hurting world.  

Do you desire more of the life of Christ working in and through you?  Do you hunger for more holiness?  He will satisfy that desire and hunger as you surrender to Him. 

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Revival of the Church
The Family Must Become the Prominent Expression of the Kingdom of God on the Earth


History proves that every revival brought incredible blessings and wonderful changes to the believer, the church and the world. In this season of preparation for His great outpouring, God is giving us time to change our hearts, minds and functions as a church so that we can receive the coming harvest and bring them in to the reality of Kingdom culture. No longer will it be church as an organization, an institution or a religious entity that only requires a minimal commitment. Instead, the church is going to see itself as, and identify with, the fact that it is a family, small and local, large and vast, temporal and eternal. In the coming revival, the level of commitment to this truth will determine the degree of blessings for the biological and spiritual family.


Our Father is giving us a peek into the coming move and while we don't see it all, we do understand what He is looking to accomplish in the church. He is going to create a culture of the Kingdom that embraces family as the foundational unit of the Kingdom and the smallest unit of Kingdom authority and blessing.

In actuality, the Kingdom of God is made up of biological and spiritual families. Both must operate under Kingdom principles. The success of God's family as an expression of Kingdom is going to impact society and bring about such an amazing healing of our nation. The nation cannot get recovered from its downward spiral until God brings about a revival of the church with family becoming the prominent expression of the Kingdom. It is the primary receptacle of His Love, and as the Father of families both in heaven and earth He is going to see the desire of His heart manifest during this season. Nothing will bless the heart of our Father more than to see His children functioning as family of the Kingdom.


The very first expression of the Kingdom of God upon the earth was the family in the garden. Satan saw instantly what God wanted to do and sought to destroy the only unit on the earth capable of carrying out God's Kingdom. In recent decades this assault has intensified. With few exceptions, little attention has been given to family. At the same time, the enemy has zoned in on its destruction, especially by trying to redefine it. Both the church and this nation are paying a dear price already. The seeds being planted today will bring a harvest of unwanted fruit if the church doesn't become alive to what God wishes to do for the church and this nation.

For some time now Satan's strategy has been developing and picking up momentum. At the same time the church has been looking to receive personal blessings. It has no strategy at work to advance the Kingdom. It is self-absorbed and asleep at the same time. But before it is too late, God is sending a wakeup call.  Do you hear it? Time to arise and shine, for our light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon us. Let's not waste the day (Eph. 5:14b-17).


The Word Of The Lord To Us Is:
Awake, Arise, Understand The Will Of The Lord, And Do It